• Ahead of your conversion at Cannon Campers UK Ltd please ensure that your vehicle is delivered with as little fuel as possible in the fuel tank. This is especially required if you have specified installation of a heater or you are having Kombi or Caravelle seating removed or installed. For health and safety reasons, due to the fact that the fuel tank has to be totally removed from the vehicle chassis. The weight cannot exceed the recommended guidelines. If the vehicle’s tank is to heavy as a consequence of high fuel levels, unfortunately, the tank will have to be drained to achieve a manageable removal weight.
  • All vehicles must arrive in-house as clean as possible for any scheduled conversion works. This allows us to achieve the finish we aim to achieve. Having a clean base vehicle is essential.
  • Ensure that your locking wheel nut and radio code are given to the team ahead of any scheduled alloy wheel or audio upgrades
  • All customer belongings must be removed from the vehicle prior to your arrival. We will not be held responsible for the safekeeping of any personal items.

Rest assured that whilst your vehicle is in-house undergoing its conversion, the vehicle is fully covered on-site as part of Cannon Campers UK Ltd (MTP) Motor Trade Policy.


  • A £500 initial Non-refundable deposit payment is required when booking at Cannon Campers UK Ltd. This is due to the fact that we have to order materials weeks in advance of a client’s arrival. We have unfortunately been caught out in the past ordering materials and our client has had to cancel due to their financial circumstances leaving us with unwanted stock. Should you need to postpone your conversion start date due to your vehicle delivery from Germany being delayed, you will not lose the deposit payment.
  • A 50% deposit of the total build specification is required between 5 – 10 working days prior to any conversion works commencing on a client’s vehicle. Taking into account the £500 deposit payment already received.
  • A 25% deposit of the remaining balance is required whilst the conversion is approximately 75% complete. This is to cover all costs up until this point. Proof of work will be granted either by consultation or photographs.
  • The final 25% outstanding balance is to be paid on completion. Clients are more than welcome to see their vehicle fully converted before making the final 25% payment. Be this via personal inspection or photographs. However, all remaining funds have to be cleared with Cannon Campers UK Ltd before we allow any converted vehicles to leave our premises.

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